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Huntsman and Snow White Character Designs

Welcome to my first post about the Masked Kingdoms! To kick things off, here are two character designs I made. That’s right, one aspect of Echo Fortuna that still stuck around is the whole “retelling fairy tales with a twist” thing. I like fairy tales!!



Masked Kingdoms

The Rebirth of Echo Fortuna: The Masked Kingdoms

Once upon a time I was a strapping youth who set out to make passion projects abound. For anyone that knew me for at least a couple of years, they might have remembered that one such project was a little sumthin’ sumthin’ called Echo Fortuna. The little indie experiment ran for about 4 years and I had the immense pleasure of working with some of the most swell, hardworking people that I am fortunate enough to consider my friends to this day (a full bodied round of applause is at the bottom of the post).


Though life got in the way of fully realizing Echo Fortuna as a game, in the last year the essence of the project has morphed and manifested itself into a full narrative, now known as The Masked Kingdoms.

Fun fact! The project originally started off as a comic named Ariadne! Back in those days, Ari[adne] had big poofy fro and Hadley was just a minor character in a flash back. Oh how times have changed~

Seeing old artwork is not a painful activity.

So funny enough, Ari and Hadley’s journey is actually circling right back to their roots to linear storytelling. They’ll be moving forward now as a series of animatics and webcomics, respectively titled “The Masked Kingdoms: Book 1” and “The Masked Kingdoms: The Lost Tales”. I’ve got a lot cooking up my sleeve and I’m excited to share all their upcoming adventures with you all. Thanks! 🙂


Another thank you to all the team members that contributed to Echo Fortuna. You guys are so talented and amazing! >o</

Programming Julia Blackwood, Jim Walsh, Zach Sherin

Art Yudi Chen, Ena Kim, Anita Tung

Graphic Design, UI/UX Olivia Luo

Marketing/Business Elle Jacobson

Game Design Greg Kusumi

Audio Design Richard Gould

Production Sharon Wang